New Clifford Mesh Head Applier at Labyrinth

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I’ve had a lot of requests for this release since the first preview at the Men’s Departent, partly because there is a drought of mature men’s skins, but also just because men need a mature and handsome look.

Sophisticated eyes full of hard won wisdom, charming lines wrought from years of experience–Clifford is everything a man wants for a seasoned appearance.

Find 5 unique shapes perfectly tailored to the Clifford skin Hud applier.


♦ 4 eyebrow and hair colors (Black, Brown, Blonde, Red)
♦ Clean, Light Stubble and Heavy Stubble.
♦ Optional eyeliner.
♦ Eye Overlay
♦ Scalp Alpha for hair fitting.
♦ Available in 6 skin tones.

Find them at Labyrinth

Our newest: Charles

-Labyrinth- Charles Skin Advert


– C H A R L E S –

Dimpled chin and eyebrows a werewolf would be proud of.
Super detailed lips, eyes, brows, one of the most striking faces
on the grid. Come check the demos at Labyrinth

6 Skin Tones (try demos)
Bald & Hairbase
3 Types of Bodyhair (none, trail, full hair)
18 Different Face Styles

Skin set to match our Slink appliers (sold separately).